City Utility Fee EMSAcare Program Facts

Read here for answers to the most frequently asked questions about city utility fee and EMSAcare programs.
If I pay the utility fee, will you bill my insurance?
Yes.EMSA has and will continue to bill any third-party insurance payors. More than 80% of EMSA’s revenue comes from third-party insurance payments, such as Medicare, Medicaid, private health insurance and others. It would be unfair for taxpayers to bear the burden of healthcare costs that could be otherwise covered by insurance providers.
Then what is the utility fee for?
The utility fee is a convenient way to cap an individual’s expenses on ambulance costs. It covers out-of-pocket costs you would normally have to pay beyond what your insurance pays, such as deductibles and co-payments.
What if I don’t have insurance?
You will have no out-of-pocket costs regardless of whether you have insurance coverage or not. If you pay the city utility fee and notify EMSA that you do not have Medicare, Medicaid or other insurance, you owe nothing.
I’m opted in and had an emergency EMSA transport, so why am I getting a bill?
Every patient will receive a statement from EMSA after an ambulance transport. Please read the statement carefully.
You may not owe anything and it is simply notifying you of the amount EMSA will bill your insurance provider. In many cases, EMSA is requesting your insurance information, if you have it. You must submit your insurance information, if you have it, to EMSA as soon as possible.
If you do not have Medicare, Medicaid or other insurance, please notify EMSA as soon as possible.
If your ambulance transport will be covered under another policy, such as a motor vehicle policy (in the case of motor vehicle accidents), the Crime Victim’s Compensation Fund or other third-party, please notify EMSA as soon as possible.
What types of EMSA transports are covered under the city utility fee EMSAcare program? Are motor vehicle accidents covered? What if the emergency does not happen at my home?
All emergency transports in EMSA’s service area are fully covered. An emergency is defined as an unforeseen condition that requires urgent and unscheduled medical attention. Emergency transports always result in the ambulance taking the patient to a hospital emergency room.
The cause or location of your emergency does not matter, as long as it is in EMSA’s service area (see below). If you pay the utility fee, you are covered for all your emergency transports regardless of where the ambulance picks you up.
EMSAcare benefits on non-emergency transports can vary, depending on insurance coverage and destination. Before requesting non-emergency service, please call (918) 396-2888 or (405) 396-2888 to determine the transport's eligibility.
If I live in a nursing home or an apartment complex and don’t pay a water bill, am I covered?
By city ordinance, your property manager must notify you annually if the property where you live is covered under your city’s utility fee EMSAcare program. If you do not know if you are covered, contact your property manager or your city utilities department.
If you are a nursing home resident, but still maintain a permanent residence (such as a spouse that still lives at home) that is opted in to a city utility fee EMSAcare program, you may be covered. Please call EMSA at (918) 396-2888 or (405) 396-2888 to verify both residences.
If you are not covered, you may purchase a EMSAcare subscription directly with EMSA by paying an annual fee. You can enroll by calling (918) 396-2888 or (405) 396-2888.
How do I make sure I’m opted in to the program? Or how can I opt out?
Some cities allow an individual to opt out of its utility fee program. Other cities do not allow for opting out. Check with your city utilities department to verify if opt out is available.
To verify if you are opted in to your city’s utility fee EMSAcare program, call your city utilities department.
A water customer opts in or out (if available) of the program at the time he or she establishes a water account with the city.
For cities where opt out is available, there is also an annual enrollment period each year. You can opt in or opt out of the program during that time by calling your city’s utilities department.
EMSA encourages anyone with a question or concern about their individual account to call: (918) 396-2888 or (405) 396-2888.

EMSA’s service area includes Tulsa, Sand Springs, Bixby, Jenks, Oklahoma City, Edmond, Mustang, Nichols Hills, Piedmont, The Village, Lake Aluma, Arcadia and Valley Brook.


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