Local disaster and emergency response leader honored with homeland security award

TULSA, Okla. (July 14, 2011) - The Urban Area Securities Initiative, a federally funded homeland security program, recently presented Johna Easley, of EMSA, with an award for outstanding program management for disaster and medical response planning at its 2011 conference in San Francisco. Easley, the director of the Tulsa Metropolitan Medical Response System, was one of only two individuals recognized for program management at the national conference.

In 2010, more than 60 metropolitan areas across the country engaged in preparedness activities through the homeland security program. Each jurisdiction had numerous programs under the initiative.
Easley was recognized for her ability to anticipate the preparedness needs of the Tulsa metropolitan area medical system, establish programs to utilize funding effectively, and provide leadership and collaboration among multiple partner organizations.

As a leader of the medical response to Tulsa's February 2011 blizzard, Easley also participated in a panel discussion about responding to weather-related challenges to healthcare infrastructure. She joined the principal leader of the May 2010 Nashville flood on the panel.

The MMRS is the disaster preparedness division of the Emergency Medical Services Authority. The division is responsible for medical system planning, response operations and grants management, managing more than $3 million in grant funding each year, for the Tulsa and Oklahoma City metropolitan areas.

EMSA is Oklahoma's largest provider of pre-hospital medical care. It serves more than 1.1 million residents in 16 central and northeastern Oklahoma communities.

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