More to back-to-school safety than just the bus

EMSA’s safety experts advise parents that bike, home and playground safety is also a concern

TULSA, Okla. (August 22, 2011) -- More than 20 million children across the country ride a school bus every school day. With Tulsa Public Schools opening their doors Aug. 22 for the new school year, the familiar yellow buses will be back on the road once more across the city.

However, school bus safety is not the only thing to consider when keeping your children safe this school year.

“The most common emergency medical treatment we perform related to the back-to-school period is accidents involving cars with bikes,” said Chris Stevens, EMSA public information officer. “Especially now, kids are struggling with the extra weight of backpacks or being distracted by phones and iPods, for example.”

Getting to and from school safely is always important, and safety tips bear repeating. Make sure that kids know all the safety tips that apply to them, whether it is bus-related, bike safety or walking safety.

“Another thing that parents often don’t think of first is home or playground safety. Many school-aged kids stay at home by themselves or with siblings until their parents get home from work, and many of those for the first time. It is important that they are armed with age-appropriate safety knowledge,” added Stevens.

Burns, scalds and other hazards are common in the kitchen with school-aged children. Fractures, cuts and head injuries are concerns at the playground. Always wear a helmet when riding a bike and be aware of your surroundings. The most common bike injuries are broken bones, but head injuries are the most serious. Wearing a helmet is a very simple habit to get into and can greatly reduce that risk.

Parents are advised to set ground rules such as what activity is allowed in the kitchen or on outside play equipment when unsupervised, how to recognize an emergency and how to call 911.

EMSA’s online safety resource center at or Facebook page at EMSA OKLAHOMA offers complete listings of how to keep kids safe at home, outdoors, from fire and on the school bus.

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