First-ever joint training between EMSA and TFD to improve mass casualty response

TULSA, Okla. – For the first time, EMSA and the Tulsa Fire Department will hold a joint training session and workshop Feb. 14 on the topic of responding to mass casualty emergencies in the Tulsa area. The training is the first part of a five part series that is occurring over the next six months.
The sessions are to “train the trainers” within each organization and were initiated in response to coming changes in the organizations’ mass casualty response plan.
“We have excellent plans in place. I have no doubt both organizations can respond to whatever situation arises,” said Duffy McAnallen, director of operations, EMSA. “But, before, we were training independently on our specific portions of the mass casualty plan. The joint training allows us to incorporate plan changes, get everyone on the same page quickly and make response in the field more seamless.”
The mass casualty response plan which governs EMSA and TFD in these incidences is developed and overseen by the Office of the Medical Director. The plan is being changed to incorporate new medical protocols, technology and communication tools. The changes are based, in part, on experience gained over the last decade in disaster situations in surrounding states, such as establishing clear incident command structures that are more realistic for actual field conditions. 
"This is a tremendous step forward for both organizations. This training will improve service to our community, not only during mass casualty incidents, but also in the daily delivery of emergency medical services to our citizens," said Deputy Chief Scott Clark, Tulsa Fire Department.

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