EMSA fleet equipped with new patient safety equipment

TULSA, Okla. (Jan. 22, 2015) – EMSA is rolling out new patient cot-safety systems in its entire fleet of ambulances. The new equipment, test piloted last spring, has been being installed since Oct. and will be complete in EMSA’s entire fleet of nearly 100 ambulances the first week of Feb.

The new specialized, power-assisted cot loading and fastening systems are a $2 million investment for EMSA.

“The safety of our patients and medics is our top priority,” said EMSA spokeswoman Kelli Bruer. “So, when new technology or equipment comes along that can make things even safer, you seriously consider the investment.

Our mission is to save lives and prevent pain and suffering, and sometimes that can include other things than medical care, such as being safe on the road or making sure the patient is adequately secure in the ambulance.”

The new equipment helps to prevent the cot from coming unattached in the patient compartment of an ambulance with a patient on it during ambulance collisions or rollovers. Depending on the severity of an accident, it is not uncommon that a patient cot could come loose, and in the most severe cases it can be fatal to both the patient and the medic.

The new systems work similar to an automated pulley system. The patient cot attaches to the system, the system supports the cot with the patient on it completely unassisted, and a motorized mechanism pulls the patient and cot into the back of the ambulance.

Because the system is fully motorized, they also greatly reduce strain on the medics from lifting, pulling and pushing. The strain of lifting patients in and out of an ambulance can be very serious. In calendar year 2013 EMSA medics lost more than 400 days on the streets due to back injuries.


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