First EMS system in the nation to deploy new CPR device

TULSA, Okla. (June 15, 2015) – Tulsa and Oklahoma City area EMS systems are the first in the nation to adopt as its primary CPR method a groundbreaking medical device that has just been approved by the FDA.

Traditional CPR uses active compression and passive decompression. The new device, called ResQCPR, suctions to the chest allowing for active decompressions. The device is not automated; it still requires a pumping action but, along with the specialized ResQPOD airway device, the two-part system creates an enhanced vacuum in the chest to improve blood flow to vital organs during states of low blood flow such as cardiac arrest.

In Oklahoma, it is estimated more than 2000 people will suffer cardiac arrest this year. With this new equipment, the chances of survival may get better very soon.

David Howerton, with the Oklahoma Medical Directors Office, the agency that provides medical oversight to all of the paramedics and EMTs with EMSA and the Fire Departments in Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas said, “Our systems, with more than 4000 EMS professionals, are passionate about providing optimal cardiac arrest resuscitation. We’re proud to be providing the citizens of Oklahoma with the early adoption of a promising system that could make a truly positive impact on survival rates for the communities we serve.”

EMSA is already recognized for having a cardiac arrest survival rate more than four times higher than the national average. These new devices have shown to increase survival rate up to 49 percent in clinical studies.

The devices will roll out to the EMS and first responder systems in the metropolitan Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas in late summer and early fall of 2015.

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